Ball Pool (Children's play ground space)

This is a place to have a wonderful time with children.
When back to the Uinn hotel , parents can relax and children also have fun.
In addition to garden game area on 1F, B2 also have a undersea play ground space- ball pool area.
We promise you and your child will satisfy with this area.



          Don't let your little prince​ and princess unpleasant.



Proper exercise can help relieve stress after a hard day's work.
so we prepare the ellipticals cross trainers,treadmill,upright bike,
yoga mat for you to let your endorphine of brain fully release and take away all stress.



        Unhappy ,jsut run run and run。Until the sweat takes away all unhappiness and fatigue.


Laundry Room (Coin-operated washing machine)

Long-term business trips, traveling, do not fear that clothes are not enough to wear,
washing machine and dryer should help you to become clean every day.



          For every traveler -To become comfort and refresh